Review Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

With this toy the more you play the more you really do learn.

At first I i didn’t think much just another robot. But then I started playing with the toy and couldn’t put it down. The robot has great response time and an interesting selection of apps. The apps are very intuitive and the kids are able to without to much assistance.  The kids start learning right away with an easy to follow tutorial.

The Dash Robot is available at Amazon now for $129.50

I chose Dash and Dot after reviewing several different kinds of robots and I am very happy with my choice. The Wonder app has several options and hours of fun leaning cues and programing of the robots.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants their children to play more challenging and engaging games. These robots are fun for all ages. We live in an age of technology and having an understanding it at an early age can only be beneficial.

Wonder Workshop sets out exciting challenges and remote control features create interesting scenarios.