Review Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Harry your pet dog is over 7″ inches long and almost 6″ inches tall.
He walks, barks, and other dog sounds. Batteries INCLUDED 3 AA
He is a cute dalmatian toy dog for family fun. Sensors responds to your touch.
Play and chase on smooth surfaces, Harry keeps walking with Bump n Go feature
Touch head for singing and dancing. Touch Harry on the backside for a surprise.

While this toy is cute and adorable it is really geared for more mature child. It doesn’t seem to be rugged in terms of what a very young child could do with it. However, having said that, what a great gift. It has numerous sounds, the dog’s face lights up and he wags his tail. He moves, talks, barks and even plays music when you pat his head. Electronic Pet Dog. Harry can be purchased at Amazon. Kids love when you pat his bum the dog makes a sound of passing gas, moves forward and says “excuse me”.

Very cute we give it a 4.5